Book Waft 4

€33,33 EUR

As in their previous books, Bart Lanaerts and Lies de Mol unearthed untold stories around music and cars. You will meet prestigious designers, you will discover the genesis of legendary concept cars, you will travel through the works of Automobilist artists. In this 4th edition, the authors wanted to telescope two worlds: the automobile and music. Thus, you will meet Kavinsky for a trip in a Ferrari Testarossa or discover the Buciali concept and its organ. The stories are fascinating and the photos sublime. Open the pages of this amazing book and you will escape for a few moments.

Jaguar D-Type – Ed Welburn –Bugatti Brescia – Amko Leenarts – BMW 3.0 CSL Tribute – Unique & Limited – Mercedes AMG GT – Bucciali – Buchmann & Buchmann – Ford Mustang – Porsche 911 SC-RS – Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus – Cadillac Cyclone – Ferrari Testarossa – Isdera – Karim Habib – Mercedes C111 – Paolo Martin and much more.

  • English language
  • 256 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Dimensions : 25 x 25 cm

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