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Auto bowl helmet - beige

€320,00 EUR

Introduced in the 1950s by racing drivers including Ascari and Fangio, the bowl helmet replaced the soft leather aviator helmet. This new protection provided much more comfort and safety.

The beige bowl helmet consists of a fiberglass shell, lacquered and varnished, which offers good protection against flying gravel or mud. For optimal comfort, the inner headband is made from lined cowhide leather. If you wear goggles, 3 exterior leather tabs hold them securely. Support is provided by a leather chinstrap integrated into the headband and equipped with 3 press studs and a double D strap. The protective canvas cover will allow you to store it in your trunk or under a seat without fear to damage it.

This bowl helmet is an exact replica of the helmets worn by racing drivers. Like during the 1000 Miglia or the Targa Florio. Bringing comfort, safety and a vintage look, this car helmet is the perfect accessory for roadster outings or historic rallies.


  • Outer shell in lacquered and varnished fiberglass with integrated visor
  • Interior leather headband
  • Snap tabs for goggles
  • Closure with double stainless steel buckles and press studs
  • Supplied with cotton protective cover
  • Not homologated

To find out your size, measure the circumference of your head at the forehead using a tape measure and refer to the table below.

Head measurement (cm)55/5657/5859/6061/62
Helmet sizeSM  LXL

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