Aviator Goggle

T2 goggles - black

€112,50 EUR

The Aviator Goggle black T2 goggles are designed for pilots looking for excellent protection against wind, rain and splashes. They are assembled and sewn by hand in the workshops of Léon Jeantet in the Jura, a company with century-old know-how.

These Aviator Goggles are extremely comfortable because they are lightweight, and the leather-wrapped foam cushion fits the shape of the face perfectly.

The shape of these T2 glasses offers a wide field of vision and their depth allows you to keep your glasses. The lenses are made of polycarbonate treated against scratches and are interchangeable with smoked lenses to protect against the sun. Thanks to its adjustable elastic and fitted with an anti-slip pad, the T2 can easily be worn over a Jet helmet or a bowl helmet.

The Aviator Goggle glasses come with a microfiber pouch that will allow you to store them safely and easily clean the lenses.

  • Plastic structure and chrome finish.
  • Leather trim.
  • Interchangeable anti-scratch polycarbonate lenses.
  • Adjustable elastic with slider and clasp (width 30 mm).
  • Incisions in the bead for the branches of the glasses.
  • Supplied with a microfiber case for cleaning and transport.
  • Compliant with C.E. standards for Auto and Motorcycle driving.
  • 100% French manufacturing.

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