Aviator Goggle

4600 goggles - Black

€104,17 EUR

Manufactured by Aviator Goggle, the 4600 black leather goggles are directly inspired by the models worn by aviators and pilots from the 1930s to the 1950s. Combined with a leather aviator helmet, you will be transported back to the Roaring Twenties !

These glasses with a resolutely vintage look make no concessions to comfort and safety. The adjustment of the eyepieces is done by a sliding screw. This adjustment makes it possible to adapt the glasses perfectly to the morphology of your face in order to protect you effectively from the wind and projections. The leather eyepiece surround (lined with gabardine) and the lightness of its structure reinforce the feeling of comfort.

Delivered with two pairs of lenses (yellow for the fog and smoked for the sun), the 4600 goggles will be useful whatever the conditions. The protective case will allow you to store them in a pocket or glove box.

  • Chrome-finish brass shell frame
  • Adjustable saddle with screws
  • Leather/foam surround treated against rain
  • Adjustable elastic with slider and clasp (Width 15 mm)
  • Interchangeable anti-scratch polycarbonate lenses
  • Delivered with 2 pairs of additional acetate lenses (yellow and smoked)
  • Supplied with a carrying case
  • Compliant with C.E standards for Auto and Motorcycle driving
  • 100% French manufacturing

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